The Man Behind The Many Voices

The Man Behind The Many Voices

I am just your average over educated and under experienced 34 year old plotting his way through this overly-complex and very-fun world.  I love to learn and find writing to be a necessary joy in my life where I can not only share what I think and know with the world, but also as a way to make a difference on the issues that I care about.

My background includes short but productive occupational forays in the worlds of financial services and sales.  My education includes a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in liberal arts.  In my spare time, I am a collector of Impressionist and Impressionist like art, antique Japanese porcelain, fine books, and antique chess sets and boards.  In addition to these activities I spend many hours each day enjoying reading, playing chess, staying in shape, and exploring the natural world.  Finally, I am a not so active member of MENSA and make the very best gumbo you can find outside of New Orleans (okay, its may not be the very best).

Michael Scaife

I make a living as a freelance writer and tutor so I just wanted to let any of you who might need creative writing and / professional writing or are a student in need of additional academic help, the man behind “The Madrigal” is available to meet your needs.  Just please send me a polite email me at and we will discuss what your needs are and how I might meet them.


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